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 GMS VU Trainer

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PostSubject: GMS VU Trainer   Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:21 pm

Leeched: VU Trainer

Vu Trainer has been updated to v89.4 (9/27/10)
New features
are mentioned in the changelog. Please report any problems you encounter and provide any feedbacks or suggestions you would like for me to add in the future versions. Thank you and happy mapling!

What to expect in future releases:
Spoiler :

- Editing custom keys
- Auto Login?
- Custom Auto CC unrandomizer
- Character movement-based UA (Unlimited Attack) (100% safe)
- Custom map spawn point control?

Please feel free to suggest any feature you would like me to include in my future releases.

Platform Teleport v1.0 (Beta) is now included.

Click Fly MMC is now included. (9/20/10)
Why is it called Click Fly MMC? Well because I've tested it and it's only most effective on flying monsters. It also works on other monsters as well but it is not very noticeable. The script is from Waffle which I used to code it into my trainer with my own custom codes.

- How to use it?
First enable it, then you can move the mobs by clicking an area and hold down the mouse button for at least a second. This is because mobs tend to move when a user is clicking items, buddy list, etc.

- Does it ban?
Well there has been some reports of people being banned but the percentage is low. As always, use it at your own risk and change channels frequently! Enjoy.

Screen shot of MMC:
Spoiler :

Screen shot of trainer:

- Download an Injector. I recommend one with multiple dll injection. You can get it here.
- Create a shortcut of gamelauncher.exe located in your Nexon folder to your Desktop.
- Start gamelauncher.exe and click Start Game.
- At the gamelauncher page, load up your injector (Run it as administrator for Win Vista/7 Users).
- Inject Vu gMs v89.3.dll to MapleStory.exe. (Some injectors detect MapleStory automatically *Does NOT require a bypass*)
- You can now close your injector and start the game.

For information on a specific hack, go to "Help" -> "Hacks Info".
Details on each hack is provided as well as their ban rate.

Everything else should be safe. Please report any hacks that I may have missed that should be included in this list.

Common problems:
Trainer isn't showing up?

- You can either do one of the following:
- Make a copy of Vu Trainer and inject the original and the copy.

- Or you can inject a trainer that shows up for you and then inject Vu Trainer.

Encountering the missing msvcr100.dll or msvcr100d.dll error?
- Download the file msvcr100.dll here.
- Download the file msvcr100d.dll here.
After you download it, put the file into your system32 folder located in C: \Windows\System32.

- For 64bit users with this problem, you must also put the same dll file into C: \Windows\SysWOW64. Good luck!

Still having trouble? Try this:
Originally Posted by klos1995
for the users with the Msvcr100D.dll problem follow these steps:
(Btw this is only tested with 32 bit)
1. First download the .Dll file.
2. Put the dll file in your System32 folder located at C: \Windows\System32.
3. Open CMD (For vista/w7 users as administrator.)
4. type: Regsvr32 msvcr100d.dll
5. a message should pop up, It says something like installation succesfull.

Sorry for my bad english i'm still learning , and i hope i helped you.

Other problems injecting?
- Try right-clicking your injector and run it as administrator.

- Download Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 here.
After you have download it, go through the installation. You may be required restart your computer when the installation is finished.

- Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributal Package here.
After you have download it, go through the installation. You may be required restart your computer when the installation is finished.

- If you are still having trouble, try Googling your problem.

Credits to the following people:
Cam1596, Dark_Byte, nerrazzuri, Waffle, Riukuzaki, rod143, XTCHouseMafia, and Ghoul

Spoiler :

Old Changelog:
Spoiler :
v89.2 (9/17/10)
- Added stat hook with HP/MP bars.
- Changed GUI a bit.
- Added an icon.
- Removed Aran section and Magic Whisper.
- Added Spawn Point Control.

v89.3 (9/19/10)
- Included a bypass.
- Trainer no longer requires a bypass.
- Added Bots section.
- Added Auto HP/MP function.
- Added Auto Skills function.
- Added Auto CC (max channel is 13 - will increase this in future versions)
- Changed the icon.
- Changed the name.
- Modified GUI a bit more.

v89.3.1 (9/20/10)
- Added MMC (by Waffle)

v89.3.2 (9/22/10)
- Added Timed CC (by request) (AutoCC must be enabled to be active!)
- Added Fast Mob Respawn
- Fixed issues with Auto Skills overlapping
- Reprogrammed MMC (User must now hold down mouse to move mob)

v89.3.3 (9/24/10)
- AutoCC now automatically detects the maximum amount of channels in the current server.
- Added Stop Aran Attack Movement (labeled as No Attack Movement)
- Added Bind Any Skill (mainly for arans)
- Removed No Jump
- Removed Jump Down Anywhere (useless)
- Modified GUI a bit more.

v89.4 (9/27/10)
- Added Menu Bar
- Added Minimize feature
- Added Platform Teleport v1.0 (Beta)
- Added Hacks Info in the menu bar
- Edited AutoHP/AutoMP script
- Removed Buttons
- Previous buttons information are now located in the menu bar
- Fixed trainer visibility issue
- Trainer now saves settings automatically
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PostSubject: Re: GMS VU Trainer   Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:07 pm

is this working for october? Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: GMS VU Trainer   Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:25 pm

As of now, yes, but it doesn't work for some of the users due to not filling the requirement or did the steps incorrectly
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PostSubject: Re: GMS VU Trainer   

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GMS VU Trainer
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